Saturday, July 2, 2011

Big Boy Room

 So today Aspen found the pack of crayons in a goodie bag he had been given a few days ago.  Everytime I gave him crayons previously he chumped them so we were still avoiding the whole coloring thing.  He really seems to understand today and was so excited about it.  We drew a few pictures together and surprisingly the crayons stayed out of the mouth and on the paper.  Hehe, my cute little artist.

I think he really loved his picture.

Aspen has been such a good boy about bedtime and naps.  He lays down in his crib cuddles in his blanket and hugs his stuffed animals.  I was bored and it was another rainy day, so I decided to take the front off his crib and make him a toddler bed.  He totally loved it!  Haha, he started throwing all his stuff animals in it, then throwing them off it back and forth.  Randomly diving ontop of them.  He was so funny.  I love his personality, he is so crazy!  :p

I also decided to move all his toys into his room as well.  I wasn't so sure this was a good idea since I just gave him a toddler bed.  I didn't know if he was actually going to sleep now with his toys right next to him. 

And of course he had to play with them and take them all out as soon and they journeyed into his room. 

I'd say overall it was a success, toys next to him, freedom to get in and out the crib as he wants, and he still went down no problem come bedtime.  :)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beach Days

Its horrible to say, considering how close I live, but its been a few weeks since I have been to the beach. I have been so bummed because the past few times I have gone, there has been so much seaweed, and the water was all green and stringy.  :/  Finally today I went and looked out onto the beautiful clear water!  Loved it.  Looking at the little tropical fish swimming by your feet.  The gorgeous "emerald" color off in the distance.  Not to mention the water was the perfect temperature.  I have to say I am so spoiled by this amazing beach.  

Of course Aspen loved the beach.  As soon as we got there, and I released him, he went right for the water.  ...and in a little too deep.  The waves pushed him over and under he went.  Mommy was right there to the rescue though, and it hardly phased him.  My tough little cookie.

He also went up to tons of strangers, and jabbered away to them.  Seems to be his new thing.  Haha, I think he just loves the attention.. 

He did give me a break though and played with his sand toys for about 15minutes!  And 15minutes I didn't have to chase him down the beach was a nice change, hehe.

Haha.. I was pulling his shirt over this all day...  24month swimsuit.  I know my big 16month doesn't get into this size anymore but I thought if he didn't have a diaper on we could get it to work.  .. but it seems that the size of all his swim suits.  Ugh..  I think we are going to try and find some Independence day swim shorts sale somewhere..

The water was pretty calm today so we could go out in it, and Aspen could swim in his tube.  Another little break for mommy to not have to run up and down the beach after a little monkey.  :p

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rainy Days

It started with a bath..  and a silly story that involved a series of goofy facial expressions.  I wonder what the story was about.. he gabbered forever.. :p

  I ran out to turn the sparkler off when the downpour started.. Aspen threw a huge fit, as usual cause he wanted to go outside to.  Haha, I was curious of what he would do in the rain.  

Yeah.. the rain didn't bother him.. haha

I think it was amusing instead..


We ran around it in for awhile and you should have seen the fight he put up when we went inside!  I love having such a fun baby<3

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Before Korea

So this has currently seems like the longest year of my life.  Being away from my husband for so long with the deployment is certainly no fun.  But being almost a year, it is finally coming to an end.  I get butterflies and have trouble sleeping at night just thinking about it.  I was looking back through our photos from Florida just before he left from Korea.  So nice to see pictures of us all together as a family.  

A few Todd snapped of me.

Aspen was just 5months old here.  Hadn't said a word yet couldn't crawl, now he's running and gibbering and getting into trouble.  The other day he evern climbed up the large slide at the playground backward.  Haha, he is definitely taking after his mommy and daddy.

Missing these days.. soon....

Driving home the one night I saw this lovely piece sitting out for trash.  Completely girly and random.. and Aspen having no dressers at all, I decided I should pick it up and see what I could do with it.

I don't think aspen would have appreciated the colors, well at least not when he got older, plus is was a little beaten up, and missing most the knobs.

A light sanding and some Primer and the set was already looking better.

Two coats of paint, some new knobs, not too shabby for a free dresser and a little investment in paint and knobs!  Pretty proud of my find.

So yeah.. busy with that.. trying to keep up with the house work and yard work.  But literally as I am vacuuming the living room I hear a strange noise from the kitchen.  Yep, Aspen decided he wanted a snack of raw pasta noodles.. 

Not to mention the endless stealing of my tomatoes.  This is the best place for them to get sun so they can finish turning.  Notice the one half of the window, they are all green, When he was out in our fenched in yard the other day I hadn't been watching him close enough to see he was plucking all the tomatoes he could reach.  Most of them were so tiny!

If you have not seen yet there are tons of new items in my shop, these just went up today!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Day of Summer!

        Today is officially the first day of summer, yay!  I love the changing of seasons, even if I have to pretend that the seasons really change down south here.  I am not sure how we are going to take advantage of the day today, I think maybe a beach trip is in order!

      Anyhow its been a beautiful week so far.  Not to mention I got a package in the mail from my Sister and Brother in law.  I swear I am like a little kid when I get stuff in the mail, even if its just a letter I get so excited.  Let me tell you though when I opened this package and found this wonderful hand crafted box with an elephant haha, I practically flipped out.  It is so amazing, completely adorable!  So perfect, I couldn't get over it.  My sister in law brandy is so talented.  I should show you the mug she sent me for christmas, with all the intricately painted dots to form beautiful flowers all over it.  I could only imagine it had to have taken hours.  I do wish she lived closer, I believe we would enjoy some craft days together doing the most random things.  <3

      Recently our days have consisted of daily walks.  Keeps aspen from being so crazy, cause he gets to run around like a nut in the woods (like I did when I was little)  and one way to wear off some of his crazy energy.  Plus I have this new amazing folding wagon.  It actually fits in the trunk of my car!  :D  Haha, and that says a lot, considering a select few strollers fit in there.  Plus he likes to get out and push it from behind while I pull it, and for his little legs, I can't believe how far he can walk!  Also I have grown to really love this base.  I grew up around woods, and its probably where my sisters, brother, and I  spent almost all our childhood playing.  They are just so peaceful and fun.  Almost have an enchanted feel to them, probably because  of all the make believe from when I was little.

Well Happy 1st Day of Summer everyone!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Under the Stars Knits

If you don't already know, I am the creator of Under the Stars Knits, as well and Under the Stars Photography(with my wonderful husband).  Recently I have been going through all my tubs of yarn and trying to knit(and crochet) anything I can out of my large stock pile.  Getting ready to list a bunch of new ready to sell items on my etsy shop.

Due to yarn overtaking my house and time, I am slowly changing over my shop to ready made items only. This way when I dedicate myself to my photography business i can still pick up some knitting needles and throw some items up in my spare time for people still interested in my work.

Here is a good deal of what you should be  seeing in my shop within the next week.

Cloud baby Wraps.  I think they would be so fun to do pictures and simple cut outs hanging on a backdrop!  Like this sun.. so cheap easy and fun!  You could do the moon, or cute out some stars, or a dreamy theme.

White background with soft blue

White background with bright blue

White background with Soft Grass

Blue background with fluffy white

Blue background with vintage white

Yellow background with dreamy pink

Yellow background with fluffy white

Yellow background with soft blue

Yellow background with bright blue

Yellow background with soft grass

Dark blue background with fluffy white

Drk Blue background again with white, threw some christmas light in there for stars<3

Current available colors
Super stretchy material, measures about 20x30inches but can stretch further.  Very clingy so it stays wrapped on newborns.

PomPom Leg warmers.  These ones are sized 6months to 2 years

These guys are extremely stretchy.  They can fit newborn till 3 years, they aren't going to become much longer though, so they will be over the knee on a newborn, but not on a 3year old.
Vintage inspired booties

Vintage inspired skirt

Newborn Pod

Large Pompom hat

Lion hat in Spiced orate with yellow fringe

Lion hat in Light Blue with cream fringe

Wiskers hat

Leaning more toward a halloween custom.  Still want to stitch together a yellow ruffle skirt to attach the tail to.  Matching leg warmer as pictured, and just a black long/short sleeve onesie.  Thought it would be an adorable handmade set.

Chunky Pom pom hat Purple Blue Multi

Bubblegum Pom Pom Hat

Snow Multi 
Black Grey Multi
Soft Pink
Oatmeal and Black Chin Strap

Extra Long Elf Hat

Photo prop blankets

Okay Please tell me what you think!  What you love, what you would like to see, what you don't really care for.. be honest!  No hard feelings.  Thanks!