Friday, May 27, 2011

Gulf Breeze Zoo

I am not sure who enjoys these trips more, Aspen or I.  Hehe, this was the first time we were able to go to the zoo when Aspen really got to enjoy the animals.  He was so cute!  The animals were so friendly there, cause you can pretty much go up and feed any of them, so they all came up to the fence to greet you for a yummy snack.  Aspen was a little scared of some of them when they got to close, but others we was ready to jump in the cage with them.

As usually he was off on his own journey and he didn't care if we weren't following.

There were so many animals, I don't think he could decide what he wanted to see first.. 

Until this turkey came up to greet him.. they that is until he realized Aspen had no food..

He totally loved the goats though!

And the bunnies..

These baby (I think they were emus) birds were so cute, they looked like little dinosaurs  :p

This little family was so cute.. Granny(my mom) was trying to teach Aspen to follow me like these babies followed there mommy.  Haha.. Aspen wanted nothing to do with it.

They even had a train ride!  Unfortunatly it was a brand new train and just continued to derail and come off the track over and over.  Secretly I loved it.  Hehe, being inside with all the animals.  They were all staring and us.  I think they were so confused about what we were doing.  The Gorillas were so funny.. they would just run back and forth all crazy and then stair at us.

Aspen was being such a good sport.  He was so overdue for a nap but was such a good boy with Granny holding him.

Anyhow,  it was such a fun day.  It was a little warm, but there was a nice breeze.  And I love animals, so I completely enjoyed it!

Water Play

This is the first time we got to go to one of these, and Aspen just loved it! He was unsure at first, and then kept going after the water spouts as they went off. When he needed a break he would run off the side into the grass for a minute, then come back for more. I was wearing a new dress and decided to walk Aspen to a water spout.. not thinking I walked right over one as it decided to go on.. and yeah.. lets just say I was a little surprised.. I think my mom nearly died laughing as she witnessed the whole thing. I guess I am not always the smartest.

This picture just cracks me up every time. I feel like it looks like a mob shooting.. and the suspicious guy in the top corner in responsible. Aspen looks clueless at what to do.. :p

Monday, May 23, 2011

At the Bay and Baby Driver

I love the ocean water, and the bay is right down the street from our house. I love to go there just to relax or have a little picnic lunch. Aspen loves anywhere outdoors, stomping on the leaves and just running around like a nut. Whenever he is in a not so good mood, I love to just take him outdoors, and he is the happiest baby ever.

He is a pretty good driver as well, lol. I think daddy will appreciate these a lot. Haha.. his little man born a vw driver! :p

He even knows stick shift as well!

Friday, May 20, 2011

My Water Baby

I think bath time is one of Aspens favorite things. It usually starts out innocent. Just playing in the faucet. Then it turns into splashing.. . then pirates and he's is dropping the heavies bottles of soap into the water splashing like cannons. Pulling every bottle down he can reach.

Then it ends with throwing every bottle and washcloth overboard and throwing water into the air and all over the floor. I get a little jealous, I wish I still enjoyed bath time that much!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day out with Granny

My mom has been staying with me for a little while my husband is deployed. Its such a great break, almost a vacation from the normal craziness of trying to do everything while having a baby 24/7. Since she didn't arrive until after mothers day, and we both are breakfast lovers, I took her to my favorite little breakfast cafe, Another Broken Egg. It was so delicious and a gorgeous day outside to sit out and enjoy.

We also wondered around the little town and walked along the harbor and shops.

Aspen my sack of potatoes sporting a new outfit I made a little long.. :p

We also headed to the beach to enjoy the sunset and snag a few photos, too bad my camera battery died before the best part.. :/ Not to mention a little someone wanted nothing to do with looking at the camera..