Saturday, August 7, 2010

Moving Back East

Yay, the military life. Seems to bring constant moving upon us. Not that I can really complain, because Todd and I love traveling and want to see the world. After living in Arizona for over a year and a half we are headed back East to Florida. We are both excited to escape the dry hot climate, though there won't be any snow in winter we are both excited to see green and trees again. This is just a compilation of Todd and my photos from our journey.

We um, kinda rented too small of a tuck. Oops... as you can see packed to the max, we left a lot behind we wish we hadn't. Definitely didn't save any money going with the smaller truck with all the stuff we lost. The front of the truck and both our cars were filled with additional items, and yet we were still trying to squeeze in a few items.

A last beautiful western sky sunset before we began our journey.

We hadn't traveled long before we decided to pulled off at a place in Arizona to get pictures of the beautiful sky.
The clouds were gorgeous and the sunlight breaking through was amazing. The sky was a breathtaking and a wonderful view during our travels.

Yep, lots of stops.

Todd made Sabian a throne for the ride. There were guitars between Sabian and daddy put boxes and pillows stacked up to the same height as the chair. Sabian had a large soft area to relax during the ride, when he wasn't too busy enjoying the scenery.

In Texas, enjoying some fresh air while daddy and Sabian ran around like crazy people, well person and dog.

Sky still looking super amazing as we passed some windmills still somewhere in Texas.

And more beautiful sky, and tons more of
theses beautiful clouds to come.

Still in Texas, we decided we needed to look for a place to stop so we could walk around and stretch our legs a little. We came across this cute little playground which seemed like a perfect place to get a little energy out.

Totally think Todd was enjoying it more then Aspen :p

Aspen and Sabian are totally best friends despite his silly expression. When Aspens crying I can just tell Sabian to come over and he stops. He also laughs at Sabian all the time, it the cutest thing ever.

Todd and I had to play on the playground too. Lol, I think we will always be little kids at heart. This was the craziest slide ever! I figured its a short little kids slide, with a bump to slow you down. No definitely not, I think it was one of the fastest slides I have ever been on. And when you are going that fast the bump is more like a ramp. Aspen and I went flying, I almost peed myself of laughter afterward.

Nothing but open road and beautiful skies pretty much eveyday.

Also plenty of stops to get out of the car and have some fun.

A terrible picture I know, but it was the last image I have of Kiari. Unfortunately on our journey unable to put the cats in there crate because there was so little room what so ever that they they had free range of the car. Kiari joined me on my lap often for some lovin, and Kumo my other kitty hid anywhere she could and refused to move almost the whole time. Kiari happen to be a little too comfortable with the trip though. At one of the stops we had left the windows down so it would get too hot for the kitties while I fed Aspen and we took a little break from the long drive. She must have decided to go on an adventure of her own because when we stopped at the hotel that night after driving about 8hrs from that stop I
realized she was no where to be found in the car. I hope someone at the rest stop found her and took her home with them. She was such a sweet little girl, and I miss her dearly. I feel like such a terrible mom to not have realized she was gone sooner.

This is a picture of Aspen at the rest stop where I believe Kiari disappeared. He was getting seated up to take his shift as truck driver.

Okay so it wasn't clear a beautiful sky the whole way. However when you are moving from Arizona rain is a rather exciting thing too see. I got the excited butterflies in my tummy to see the beautiful water droplets fall from the sky. The kind of excitement I use to get when it snowed back in Pennsylvania where I grew up. So this was other exciting part of our trip, though not the best conditions for driving we still managed just fine!

We were starting to drive closer to the coast. Bridges and signs of nearby water were also lovely after you have lived in the desert for over a year.

We stopped at the first sign of ocean. It was such a beautiful day and a lovely location to to relax, smell the salty air and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings.

Sabian and these cows were so silly. We were stopped and this gas station where Todd wanted to snap a few photos of the cows in the field. Well Sabian went with and for some reason the cows were soo interested! They loved him.. they started running back and forth together playing through the fence, it was the craziest thing!

I think Sabian enjoyed this road trip more then anyone. Comfortable Throne seat that Todd made him, wind in his ears and flapping lips, outdoors, adventure and best of all someone right by his side constantly. Truely think it is how his doggy heaven will be.

When we finally arrived in Florida not only was it down pouring like crazy, but we also had no place to stay. The temporary housing on base was full and base housing wasn't available yet. We found a Motel6 where we left Sabian and Kumo and we went out and about to look at houses and try and figure out what we were going to do. Eventually housing called us back then and we were able to get in one of the new base houses. We were so relieved to not have to look for a place and decided to start enjoying our last few days before Todd left for Korea for a year.

First stop of course was the beach!

Feeling the sand between his toes for one of the first times.

We watched the fireworks down at the boardwalk in Destin by the bay. It was not only a beautiful display of fireworks but a beautiful place.

Home sweet home! What a relief to be able to get such a beautiful house on base to move into!

Enjoying the few last days flew by. Felt like we hardly had time to do much. We celebrated Daddies birthday, went to the beach a ton. Site saw what we could. But it all went by way too fast.

We love you daddy and miss you every minute of everyday. Can't stop wishing you were here! I pray everyday that this year will pass quickly, and for the strength to be a great mom for Aspen even without my other half.