Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beach Day!
Cutie having a blast at the beach. Sporting his adorable pants I made him<3 (Hehe, can you tell how proud I am of them.) This was such a great day at the beach! Relaxing and refreshing.. and filled with lots of sand.

Just look how much he loves the sand. I have never seen him do anything like this. First he started laying in it rubbing his hands through it.. then rolling around in it. Haha. I could have died.

He also found someones sandcastle. It was pretty detailed.. so I tried best to keep him from destroying it. However while we were there two kids came down with "swords" and had a battle completely bringing down the castle..

The sunset was gorgeous.. though I didn't get too many picture of it.. cause sandy hands wanted to grab everything when the sunset was at the best part.. :/
Not the most flattering photo of me not to mention the amount of sand covering me because aspen kept wanting to sit on my lap, hehe, but me and the little muchkin!
One of my orders. This was not my idea at all, but it is so adorable, and fun! I was so excited to get to make something new and fun!
Cloth Diapers? Yeah.. we are trying them out, and loving them! So much more environmentally friendly.. and actually not that hard at all! I bought a few and made my own pattern cause they are at least 15$ a diaper. They were pretty cheap and easy to make though, and we are loving them!
12 Cloth diapers and 12 inserts. I love them, I feel like they look just as good as and the ones I bought. :D