Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29 2011

Another failed veggie trial! Geeze.. not only have my good little eater, decided he doesn't like veggies anymore.. but he has pick up this fun new thing, where whatever is on his tray that he doesn't want winds up on the floor. :/ I tried to get my dog to eat the steamed snow peas off the floor.. didn't go over
well. I thought they were good! Of course before they hit the ground!

So excited how beautiful my backyard is. There are so many different wildflower sprout
ing up. I am going to be so sad to cut it.. :( I found this little fellow crawling on these adorable little mini snap dragon looking wildflowers. Oh course while trying to snap the perfect lady bug focused shot in the wind.. I wasn't paying attention to well to....

...this little man.. He literally just got out of the bath not even three hours ago.. ugh.. He usually avoids that terrible portion of the yard. My dog runs always to this corner of the yard and I just can't seem to grow grass there because of it..
Most of my yard is actually pretty green.. hehe.. oh well!

Finally got a chance to finish Aspens pants! I am not really thrilled with the first pair.. I used a dark thread and didn't like how it looked.. so i tried to make it fancy and do a double stitch so it stood out on purpose look.. Yeah.. I think it Just made them look worst! Anyhow I am excited to try the finished product on Aspen!


  1. Haha.. I love this :) I would be thrilled if you posted these on a regular basis! Miss you..

  2. you made these? wow!! I think i found my new best friend! I love to make new things & learn how to do diff things! these are super cute!