Friday, May 27, 2011

Gulf Breeze Zoo

I am not sure who enjoys these trips more, Aspen or I.  Hehe, this was the first time we were able to go to the zoo when Aspen really got to enjoy the animals.  He was so cute!  The animals were so friendly there, cause you can pretty much go up and feed any of them, so they all came up to the fence to greet you for a yummy snack.  Aspen was a little scared of some of them when they got to close, but others we was ready to jump in the cage with them.

As usually he was off on his own journey and he didn't care if we weren't following.

There were so many animals, I don't think he could decide what he wanted to see first.. 

Until this turkey came up to greet him.. they that is until he realized Aspen had no food..

He totally loved the goats though!

And the bunnies..

These baby (I think they were emus) birds were so cute, they looked like little dinosaurs  :p

This little family was so cute.. Granny(my mom) was trying to teach Aspen to follow me like these babies followed there mommy.  Haha.. Aspen wanted nothing to do with it.

They even had a train ride!  Unfortunatly it was a brand new train and just continued to derail and come off the track over and over.  Secretly I loved it.  Hehe, being inside with all the animals.  They were all staring and us.  I think they were so confused about what we were doing.  The Gorillas were so funny.. they would just run back and forth all crazy and then stair at us.

Aspen was being such a good sport.  He was so overdue for a nap but was such a good boy with Granny holding him.

Anyhow,  it was such a fun day.  It was a little warm, but there was a nice breeze.  And I love animals, so I completely enjoyed it!

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