Friday, May 20, 2011

My Water Baby

I think bath time is one of Aspens favorite things. It usually starts out innocent. Just playing in the faucet. Then it turns into splashing.. . then pirates and he's is dropping the heavies bottles of soap into the water splashing like cannons. Pulling every bottle down he can reach.

Then it ends with throwing every bottle and washcloth overboard and throwing water into the air and all over the floor. I get a little jealous, I wish I still enjoyed bath time that much!


  1. I love all your new blogging Ashley!! <3 Miss this little stink boy! :)

  2. Loving it :)
    haha and it would be awesome to still have that much fun in the bath! I just think you would probably think I was really wierd haha

  3. Ha, todd i fell for you cause you were a dork..