Saturday, June 25, 2011

Driving home the one night I saw this lovely piece sitting out for trash.  Completely girly and random.. and Aspen having no dressers at all, I decided I should pick it up and see what I could do with it.

I don't think aspen would have appreciated the colors, well at least not when he got older, plus is was a little beaten up, and missing most the knobs.

A light sanding and some Primer and the set was already looking better.

Two coats of paint, some new knobs, not too shabby for a free dresser and a little investment in paint and knobs!  Pretty proud of my find.

So yeah.. busy with that.. trying to keep up with the house work and yard work.  But literally as I am vacuuming the living room I hear a strange noise from the kitchen.  Yep, Aspen decided he wanted a snack of raw pasta noodles.. 

Not to mention the endless stealing of my tomatoes.  This is the best place for them to get sun so they can finish turning.  Notice the one half of the window, they are all green, When he was out in our fenched in yard the other day I hadn't been watching him close enough to see he was plucking all the tomatoes he could reach.  Most of them were so tiny!

If you have not seen yet there are tons of new items in my shop, these just went up today!

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  1. Awesome ashley!! Seriously.. next time I have something that needs painting or sanding its ALL you! haha
    No .. but really!