Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rainy Days

It started with a bath..  and a silly story that involved a series of goofy facial expressions.  I wonder what the story was about.. he gabbered forever.. :p

  I ran out to turn the sparkler off when the downpour started.. Aspen threw a huge fit, as usual cause he wanted to go outside to.  Haha, I was curious of what he would do in the rain.  

Yeah.. the rain didn't bother him.. haha

I think it was amusing instead..


We ran around it in for awhile and you should have seen the fight he put up when we went inside!  I love having such a fun baby<3


  1. Looks like soo much fun! I love the rain shots :)

  2. So cute! You can really tell Aspen and Oona are related! Only Aspen is super tan ;) I love his little curls! Bella has always loved the rain too. If we ever get based down there (crossing my fingers) the kids will have so much fun puddle jumping together :)

  3. Stephanie, Ian and I were just saying that he looked like Oona! Specially in the bath-tub! : )

  4. They are definitely cousins! And stephanie I hope you guys get stationed here. I actually know a few army wives out here. They are building a huge army base 30minutes from here. Aspen would love a little friend.. :P