Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Day of Summer!

        Today is officially the first day of summer, yay!  I love the changing of seasons, even if I have to pretend that the seasons really change down south here.  I am not sure how we are going to take advantage of the day today, I think maybe a beach trip is in order!

      Anyhow its been a beautiful week so far.  Not to mention I got a package in the mail from my Sister and Brother in law.  I swear I am like a little kid when I get stuff in the mail, even if its just a letter I get so excited.  Let me tell you though when I opened this package and found this wonderful hand crafted box with an elephant haha, I practically flipped out.  It is so amazing, completely adorable!  So perfect, I couldn't get over it.  My sister in law brandy is so talented.  I should show you the mug she sent me for christmas, with all the intricately painted dots to form beautiful flowers all over it.  I could only imagine it had to have taken hours.  I do wish she lived closer, I believe we would enjoy some craft days together doing the most random things.  <3

      Recently our days have consisted of daily walks.  Keeps aspen from being so crazy, cause he gets to run around like a nut in the woods (like I did when I was little)  and one way to wear off some of his crazy energy.  Plus I have this new amazing folding wagon.  It actually fits in the trunk of my car!  :D  Haha, and that says a lot, considering a select few strollers fit in there.  Plus he likes to get out and push it from behind while I pull it, and for his little legs, I can't believe how far he can walk!  Also I have grown to really love this base.  I grew up around woods, and its probably where my sisters, brother, and I  spent almost all our childhood playing.  They are just so peaceful and fun.  Almost have an enchanted feel to them, probably because  of all the make believe from when I was little.

Well Happy 1st Day of Summer everyone!


  1. Love it ash :) The woods are pretty amazing.. Maybe someday well just build a sweet tree house deep in some enchanted woods, and live there forever!

  2. Holy smokes, Brandy made that! Wow she is talented! Does she have an etsy store!??!!? Heheeh. And where on earth did you get that awesome wagon! We need to catch up, thanks for sharing this blog, I really need to catch up on mine. I have just been working so much though! In fact, I'm up early today so I can go into work 2 hours early, I'm working almost 10 hours today!!!

    LOVE YOU <3