Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beach Days

Its horrible to say, considering how close I live, but its been a few weeks since I have been to the beach. I have been so bummed because the past few times I have gone, there has been so much seaweed, and the water was all green and stringy.  :/  Finally today I went and looked out onto the beautiful clear water!  Loved it.  Looking at the little tropical fish swimming by your feet.  The gorgeous "emerald" color off in the distance.  Not to mention the water was the perfect temperature.  I have to say I am so spoiled by this amazing beach.  

Of course Aspen loved the beach.  As soon as we got there, and I released him, he went right for the water.  ...and in a little too deep.  The waves pushed him over and under he went.  Mommy was right there to the rescue though, and it hardly phased him.  My tough little cookie.

He also went up to tons of strangers, and jabbered away to them.  Seems to be his new thing.  Haha, I think he just loves the attention.. 

He did give me a break though and played with his sand toys for about 15minutes!  And 15minutes I didn't have to chase him down the beach was a nice change, hehe.

Haha.. I was pulling his shirt over this all day...  24month swimsuit.  I know my big 16month doesn't get into this size anymore but I thought if he didn't have a diaper on we could get it to work.  .. but it seems that the size of all his swim suits.  Ugh..  I think we are going to try and find some Independence day swim shorts sale somewhere..

The water was pretty calm today so we could go out in it, and Aspen could swim in his tube.  Another little break for mommy to not have to run up and down the beach after a little monkey.  :p

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  1. I absolutely love the second to last picture :)
    They are all amazing though! Especially considering how much of a scary place the beach is for a camera haha