Friday, June 17, 2011

Enjoying the Little Things

This blog entry is completely random I know, but that is pretty much how my life has been lately.  Lots of things going on, which I love because its helping pass these last 2 months without my husband.  Its been filled with gardening, knitting and sewing, redoing some furniture, some visitors and beautiful weather.  I am just trying to enjoy it all, because even though its pretty hard having my other half on the other side of the world, I know that I really have it pretty good here.

Recently I have been super obsessed with flowers.  I seriously can't go out anywhere without being drawn to the gardening section.  This is my first rose plant.  I am not a big rose person, honestly i love different flowers, but I seemed to love the peachy pink colors these guys were sporting, and I couldn't seem to pass them by.

If you don't already know Under the Stars Knits Shop is back up for business!  Come check out little knit creations for little ones, great as photography props!  Lots of new stuff coming real soon!

Aspen and Sabian, my boys have just become the best of friends.  They are so fun together.  Aspen climbs back and forth over sabian.  Points to his eyes and says "eye" when I ask him where Sabians nose is he sticks his finger up his nostril.  Poor Sabian, lol, not really.  I think sabian absolutely loves the attention, considering even though aspens finger is in his eye(which i do try not to let him do), Sabians tail is still wagging.  And trust me Sabian has certainly knocked aspen over quiet a bit.  

My good friend Stephie stayed with us for the week.  We had so much fun, soaking up some sun, lounging at the baby pool blowing some bubbles and making some sidewalk chalk art.   I am so sad that Steph and Craig are leaving for Austral because I am going to miss them so bad.  But I know it is such an amazing opportunity for them and am so happy for them.  I cannot wait to visit.  I have never been out of the US and am dying to travel and experience some different culture.

Aspen is always a ball of energy, and always trying to escape at adventure outside on his own.  So i decided that we would start a new activity of daily walks outside.  His tiny little legs tire out after about a half a mile, and then I throw him in his wagon the rest of the way.  He loves it, he's such a little adventure boy.  So happy he takes after his mommy and daddy.  <3

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