Sunday, June 19, 2011

Under the Stars Knits

If you don't already know, I am the creator of Under the Stars Knits, as well and Under the Stars Photography(with my wonderful husband).  Recently I have been going through all my tubs of yarn and trying to knit(and crochet) anything I can out of my large stock pile.  Getting ready to list a bunch of new ready to sell items on my etsy shop.

Due to yarn overtaking my house and time, I am slowly changing over my shop to ready made items only. This way when I dedicate myself to my photography business i can still pick up some knitting needles and throw some items up in my spare time for people still interested in my work.

Here is a good deal of what you should be  seeing in my shop within the next week.

Cloud baby Wraps.  I think they would be so fun to do pictures and simple cut outs hanging on a backdrop!  Like this sun.. so cheap easy and fun!  You could do the moon, or cute out some stars, or a dreamy theme.

White background with soft blue

White background with bright blue

White background with Soft Grass

Blue background with fluffy white

Blue background with vintage white

Yellow background with dreamy pink

Yellow background with fluffy white

Yellow background with soft blue

Yellow background with bright blue

Yellow background with soft grass

Dark blue background with fluffy white

Drk Blue background again with white, threw some christmas light in there for stars<3

Current available colors
Super stretchy material, measures about 20x30inches but can stretch further.  Very clingy so it stays wrapped on newborns.

PomPom Leg warmers.  These ones are sized 6months to 2 years

These guys are extremely stretchy.  They can fit newborn till 3 years, they aren't going to become much longer though, so they will be over the knee on a newborn, but not on a 3year old.
Vintage inspired booties

Vintage inspired skirt

Newborn Pod

Large Pompom hat

Lion hat in Spiced orate with yellow fringe

Lion hat in Light Blue with cream fringe

Wiskers hat

Leaning more toward a halloween custom.  Still want to stitch together a yellow ruffle skirt to attach the tail to.  Matching leg warmer as pictured, and just a black long/short sleeve onesie.  Thought it would be an adorable handmade set.

Chunky Pom pom hat Purple Blue Multi

Bubblegum Pom Pom Hat

Snow Multi 
Black Grey Multi
Soft Pink
Oatmeal and Black Chin Strap

Extra Long Elf Hat

Photo prop blankets

Okay Please tell me what you think!  What you love, what you would like to see, what you don't really care for.. be honest!  No hard feelings.  Thanks!

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    I have been having a hard time finding baby knit legwarmers!!! These are PERFECT! The boots are also DIVINE!

    I can't wait till November <3